About FreshWorks

Bringing healthy food to every community.

What it Is

The California FreshWorks fund is a private-public partnership loan fund that has raised $272 million to invest in bringing grocery stores and other forms of healthy food retailers to underserved communities. The availability of healthy foods where we live has been proven to influence healthier long term eating habits.

Why it Matters

For over one million California residents, access to fresh produce is more than a 20-minute drive from their homes. Neighborhoods like these, with little or no access to healthy foods, are known as food deserts. Residents living in food deserts have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other chronic illnesses than those in neighborhoods where healthy food is easily accessible.

The Benefits of FreshWorks

Adding a supermarket or other healthy food retailer in these neighborhoods will not only improve the health of residents, but also spur economic development that supports healthy communities. FreshWorks and its partners are providing financing to expand access to healthy, fresh food. Whether you’re an investor or a healthy food related business, here’s your chance to do well by doing good.